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How much should you offer? mainly serves domain owners who understand the value of their domains. We have been involved on both sides of the fence and it is our experience that there is not a magic formula to price a domain. The key to a successful negotiation is simple: it results in a transaction. In order to successfully negotiate the purchase of a domain of your choice, we highly recommend the following rules:

Rule #1: Do not low-ball
While you have finally figured out you wish to own a specific domain, others may have shown interest in the same domain before you. Domain owners get purchase inquiries all the time and it is our experience if you low-ball you won't get a response at all.

Rule #2: Offer above average
It is our recommendation to offer more rather than less and try to secure the domain of your choice. Not doing so may result in spending valuable time going back and forth or worse, as said above, not getting a response at all.

Rule #3: Be proactive
We recommend acquiring the right domain(s) before product release.